Afge Master Agreement 2019

VA management and AFGE began negotiating a new collective agreement in May 2019, but the agency twice declared an impasse in October and December of the same year. On December 19, 2019, the VA asked the Federal Services Impasse Panel to intervene, a situation that has been going on ever since. FMCS congratulated the agency and the union for the agreement reached by both parties. But a va spokesman told the Federal Times that the changes they want to implement are aimed at improving care: “Whether by condemning the MISSION Act or working to repeal the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, afGE has consistently fought for the status quo and opposed making VA work better for veterans and their families. It is not surprising that AFGE has taken the same approach by refusing to accept reasonable improvements to its collective agreement. So we negotiated with the VA for six months, and the VA requested the services of the Federal Service Impasses Panel, the authority of the federal government, to break the deadlocks. Since we government employees cannot strike, someone has to break the deadlock, and that is what this agency is doing. VA asked for its support. They asked us to defend our proposals in an opinion that was expected on 3 June. And then we had the opportunity to refute each other`s arguments, and it was just July 5. So right now, the panel has all the controversy. – so we are waiting for a decision from them.

“The new treaty reflects the Agency`s priority in the field of the public service and will enter into force in October. . . .

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