As Per Agreement Betekenis

For example, the mineral and organic quantities of fertilizers and the corresponding application times were adjusted as inputs in the model on the basis of the measurements obtained by farmers in accordance with the agreement concluded with the TTV authority, as explained above. After entering opposition territory, it was monitored by Russian drones, a fact confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry, which had also been equipped with accurate GPS coordinates of the route to be taken and the destination, in accordance with the agreement reached with Syrian officials. Een service level agreement (SLA) is een afspraak tussen leverancier en klant over de beschikbaarheid en ondersteuning van een product of dienst. SLA`s komen eigenlijk alleen voor bij dienstverlening tussen bedrijven. Een SLA geeft de afnemer zekerheid over de bruikbaarheid van een product of dienst. A specification (SOW) is a document commonly used in the field of project management. It is the narrative description of the work requirement of a project. [1] It defines specific activities, services and schedules for a provider providing services to the customer. The SOW usually contains detailed requirements and pricing, with standard regulatory and governance conditions. This is often an important accompaniment towards a framework service contract or a request for offer (RFP). Note that, in many cases, the specifications are a binding contract. [2] Framework contracts or consultant/training contracts modify certain specific elements of the contract that are mentioned in individual specifications.

The framework service framework contract is a framework contract that governs the terms of several potential soles. Sometimes it relates to the magnitude of the work. For example, when a project is implemented by contract, the scope statement that is part of it can be used as a SOW, as it also describes the work of the project in clear and concise terms. [3] According to the agreement with the Air Force, no biomedical research may be conducted on animals. Similar agreements followed with Britain, France and Russia, as well as a defense agreement with other Gulf countries. Finally, the British withdrew in accordance with the agreements of the Treaty of Paris (1763). An example of an industry where service level agreements are often used is business web hosting. A company that rents a web server will be very interested in the fact that this server works well and is optimally accessible. In an SLA, the provider records how the server is maintained (think updates), the percentage of time it is at least accessible (often 99.9%) and when (office hours or 24/7) and how (phone/email) the customer is entitled to support. An example of an expense contract could be an agreement to lease real estate that is no longer needed or can no longer be used for profit.

Suppose a company signs a multi-year contract for the rental of office space, then moves or reduces while the contract is still in effect and leaves empty the offices for which it is no longer used. Or think of a mining company that has signed a lease for the exploitation of coal or other goods on land, but at some point during the term of the contract, the price of that product falls to a level that makes mining and marketing unprofitable. . . .

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