Barca Reached Agreement

For a while it seemed that he had signed a contract with Juventus for the Serie A title. But without an Italian passport, this potential agreement was suspended, although Suarez went to Italy to take a citizenship test. Barcelona failed to reach an agreement with the players on a pay cut after the end of a long negotiation without resolution. Barcelona have confirmed that they have agreed on the principle of a pay cut with their players, which will save the club $109 million (122 million euros). With a year on Memphis` contract, Lyon was willing to cash in, even if it meant they got almost nothing. He spent the whole summer following a deal for Depay, and the fact that they have reached an agreement is excellent. However, it seems a little doubtful when Jean-Michel Aulas, the president of Lyon, said that none of his players would go after Friday, and many rumors about Memphi`s future came after Friday. Who knows, Barcelona could have her husband with Eric Garcia next summer. “Today, 11 November, after several days of intense meetings and full possibilities, the parties concerned concluded talks without reaching a firm agreement.

The oral agreement is a big step in the right direction, but the most complicated aspect remains in progress: the agreement of a royalty with PSG. Due to the poor relationship between the two clubs, most of the work is done through intermediaries. In its statement, the association praised the “great effort” made in the agreement and “congratulated” the participants in the interview. And on Friday night, Barca finally announced a deal that will save $109 million – but as the club also defers $45 million (50 million euros) in variable payments over three years, it remains below the $170 million the club has long wanted to save on players` salaries. According to SPORT sources, we can exclusively reveal that Neymar has agreed personal terms with Barca. If an agreement is reached between the two clubs, Neymar would earn almost 50% less than he currently has with PSG. His contract with the French club is 3,069,520 euros per month, about 100,000 euros per day. He is the second highest paid footballer in the world after Lionel Messi. The long battle between Barcelona and Luis Suarez has come to an end, with both sides having reached an agreement that would make the Uruguayan striker a free agent.

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