Can An Agreement Be Notarized

The court is as follows: a very simple, inexpensive but very effective legal advice, which could bring the benefits to court, is to have a notary recognize all signatures on important contracts or agreements. Leave the certified signatures notarized. What are some examples of contracts that do not require a notarized signature? Private contracts for the sale of goods or services do not require a notarized signature. In addition, court documents, such as petitions and motions, should not be notarized, especially because the person submitting the form is the person who wrote it. With a few exceptions, divorce documents also do not require a notarized signature. A notary can play an important role in ensuring that a contract is legally enforceable, even if the authentic instrument is not necessary. As with wills, it is generally not necessary for a contract to become notarized to be legally binding. The ultimate problem with the requirement that construction documents be notarized is time and cost. Look at the amount of documents that go back and forth in a particular project. The authentic instrument of one or more of these documents is a laborious and painful obligation. If you work in a state where the authentic instrument is not prescribed by law, it is best to leave this problem alone. Exchanging construction documents is quite stressful, why not streamline the process? Since this would only apply to written contracts, a notarized contract could be particularly important for agreements that need to be concluded in writing.

A notarized document contains the signatures of the parties to the document, the signature and verification of the notary and, possibly, a notary`s stamp. Yes, I understand that it can be difficult to find a notary to observe the signing of a contract. But savvy traders know the financial and legal value of signings on that important contract or agreement, which are notarized. What this bit of legal “mumbo-jumbo” means is that if a person`s signature has been notarized, many courts waive the legal requirement to prove contract authentication and that alone can save you a lot of time and money in court…

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