It Works Loyal Customer Agreement

LOYAL CUSTOMER REFUNDS AND RETURNS 1. As our products provide different results for different people, we do not guarantee specific results or a guarantee of reimbursement. Please follow the instructions with each product you receive. 2. To be refunded, all products must be returned within 30 days of the shipping date, in an unopened “new” condition. The customer is responsible for all return costs. All product returns are subject to a 10% reintroduction tax. 3. Upon return, the customer must use a traceable return method. It`s working! is not responsible for shipping costs for returns or returns that may be lost in return. 4. Refused orders are defined as orders that are refused on delivery, return to the sender, not deliverable or with insufficient address.

In the United States, a refused order is charged an additional refusal fee of USD, which will be deducted from the refund. At the international level (Australia, Canada, European Union), a $20 refusal fee is awarded to a refused order, which will be deducted from the refund. Refusal fees are applied to orders to offset return and refund fees. Refused orders can take up to ninety (90) days to reach the return processing centre. 5. International returns are not refunded. TAXES VAT, GST, HST and PST are paid at the border entrance and cannot be recovered. Therefore, these taxes are not refunded for international returns. 6.

Loyal customers returned product within the first three (3) months of their customer loyalty agreement will cancel its car shipment and a $50 membership fee will be deducted from the refund for non-compliance with their customer loyalty agreement. 7. Loyal customers/retailers who have signed up for the car shipping program will continue to make their automatic delivery monthly until they contact customer service to cancel. This can be done under the specific market number assigned below. All cancellation requests for automatic shipping must be completed at least two business days before the automatic shipping process date. 8. If only part of a pack of warehouses (several products grouped under/one item number) is returned, the total value of the items kept is deducted from the return and the total volume of the premium for the item is deducted. 9. Returns can take up to thirty (30) working days after receipt at the return processing centre to be refunded.

All returns must be accompanied by the original or a copy of the original delivery voucher. 10. To exchange products, please contact customer service to indicate the product you want to return and the products you want to buy. Please enter an exchange order before returning your items for exchange and refund. PLEASE NOTE: ALL APPLICATORS ARE COSMETICS AND CANNOT EVEN THE PLASTIC WRAPPER HAS BEEN OPENED. FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE THE U.S. THERE WILL NOT BE A REFUND OF TAXES PAID. PLEASE CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR PRODUCT EXCHANGES. Once you have completed your 3-month commitment and want to terminate it, you must log into your account to end your autoship, or you can do so by calling customer service. Let`s become a loyal customer! 1.

It`s working! Loyal Customer Program allows a customer to take advantage of customer loyalty prices for all orders, imposing a minimum of three consecutive months for a monthly car shipping order. 2. Car shipping order can consist of any It Works! and can be changed online with the customer`s ID and password or by a customer service call (see below) at least two business days before the customer`s next delivery. 3. The customer can order products at any time in addition to his order for automatic shipping and receive prices for loyal customers. 4. After three uninterrupted months on self-shipment, the loyal customer receives free standard US shipping on the fourth consecutive car shipment and all subsequent car shipments.

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