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Best way to transfer funds from the old Commerzbank account to new Comdirect account is the normal SEPA transfer. Since both are German bank accounts, as long as you do an internet transfer from your Commerzbank online portal, it should be free of cost. Um die Top-Konditionen der 4free mit Ihrem bestehenden comdirect-Depot nutzen zu können, bedarf es eines Betreuerwechsels. Bitte füllen Sie das folgende Formular vollständig aus und senden Sie uns dieses im Original unterschrieben zurück. Bei der comdirect bekommen Sie als 4free Kunde die besten Konditionen. Hierbei bedeutet für 4free Kunden „Bis zu 100% Agio Rabatt“ immer den maximal möglichen Rabatt auf den Ausgabeaufschlag. Germany: This product is offered to German residents only. When clicking on the product link you will be redirected to the product page in German.Deposit Guarantee. Savings accounts made with comdirect bank AG are covered by deposit guarantee scheme of Germany up to 100,000 EUR per depositor.

Withholding Tax. Interest income gained on savings accounts by non-residents of Germany is not taxed. Interest gained on savings accounts by residents of Germany is taxed at 26.00% rate. When the interest is paid, this tax is automatically withhold by comdirect bank AG from the savings account. In 2009, the Comdirect Bank acquired the European Bank for Financial Services (ebase) from the Commerzbank,[35] doubling the number of managed securities accounts. [36] At the same time, the bank extended its position in financial services and asset management. [36] During the following years, the Comdirect Bank repositioned the European Bank for Financial Services as a business-to-business bank. [37] In July 2018, comdirect agreed to sell ebase to London-based financial technology provider FNZ Group to focus more on the core business and completed the sale in July 2019.[38][39] 3 Bei der Wahl zum besten Online-Broker 2019 erhält comdirect in der Gesamtauswertung (Ausgabe 06-08/2019) die Bewertung “sehr gut”. Euro am Sonntag vergibt diese Auszeichnung jedes Jahr unter 14 Anbietern. Bei der Wahl zum Online-Broker des Jahres 2019 erhält comdirect in der Hauptkategorie den 1. Platz.

Bei der Auszeichnung handelt es sich um einen reinen Publikumspreis, der jährlich von „Broker-Wahl“ vergeben wird. (Brokerwahl ist die von veranstaltete Wahl zum Broker des Jahres). Is it free if A) I deposit 1200 EUR monthly, or B) if my account balance is above 1200 EUR each month? I will do some more research on it, but as far as I know, there are not many options which offer both, free bank account + free unlimited deposits. For example, Number26 is a free bank but allows upto €100 per month free deposit, HypoVereinsbank have coin machine but requires a monthly income of €1200 deposited. Viele überzeugende Argumente für eine ganz einfache Wahl: Handeln Sie mit dem kostenlosen comdirect Depot. Worauf warten Sie noch? Trading accounts offered by comdirect bank AG are shown in the table below. One of the best online banks in Germany, ComDirect offers a free bank account with free VISA card and free worldwide cash withdrawal. In addition, for new customers, the bank gives a joining bonus of €150 .

For more information about ComDirect checking account, click here. There are some discount funds which you can buy free of charge. Mortgage loans are secured loans used for real estate financing purposes (for example, purchase of a new or existing property, construction of an own property, property renovation) without paying the entire value up front.

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