Safe Restart Agreement Quebec

More Support to Canadians through the Safe Restart Agreement: This funding is part of a larger investment of $625 million by the Safe Restart Agreement to address the top priorities of Canada`s Prime Ministers for a safe recovery of the Canadian economy over the next six to eight months. With agreements reached in the multilateral framework for early learning and childcare, this investment means that the Government of Canada will invest close to $1.2 billion in 2020-21 to support child care, a 67% increase over the highest year in history, 2005-06, when $700 million was announced. The absence of your list is provincially managed public education. Many provinces are having difficulty reopening schools safely in the fall and many parents will not be able to return to full work if the children are not physically in class. This investment will help address the key priorities that Canadian Prime Ministers have agreed to relaunch Canada`s economy safely over the next six to eight months. It will support measures to strengthen virus testing and monitoring to protect Canadians from a future epidemic and support the capacity of our health systems, including services for people with mental health problems. It will also help procure personal protective equipment to help our important workers and protect the most vulnerable, such as our seniors. And to help cities operate their transit systems so that Canadians can safely get to work and their families, the Government of Canada will provide $1 billion in federal transits, Minister McKenna announced today. The agreement will also directly support Canadian workers, including safe child care, to help parents return to service. It will also provide income assistance for people without paid sick leave and will take steps to protect the most vulnerable, such as Canada`s seniors. Premiers believe that these funds must be released quickly to protect the health and safety of our citizens and to make a real contribution to the recovery of the economy.

To this end, funds allocated to all priorities are transferred to Quebec through a single direct transfer. This one-time transfer will be made in addition to a federal transfer in September for the second tranche of test funding and will be separated from the Pan-Canadian Sick Leave program and federal operating expenses for testing, contact tracking, data management and psa.

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