Sample Email To Renew Agreement

A renewal letter has the same purpose and the specific reasons and details may change depending on the topic. This letter is a continuation document and a very important proof that there has been and will have been and will be a restart of an activity or partnership. Subject: With regard to the renewal of your insurance policy (reference number: ____) I wish, ___,, to extend the commercial license for an additional period of 2 years, from (date)_ relaunch a given activity and also confirms that discussions have been held around the same interest. It is also a proof of these discussions and can specify the notion of restarting the activity. It is a confirmation of the mutual agreement to continue to justify the association for a new period. While in the event of a contract renewal, you can`t always get everything you ask for, your negotiation should have more weight if it is carefully thought out and explained in detail. I am writing to you because I want to discuss the possibility of renewing the contract. My contract has a contractual term of two years (plus/less) and this expires. I want to renew it, because I love working with this company, and I love the people here and I appreciate the work I do. If possible, there is a permanent job that is for me, I think I would like to stay here, because this is my life, my career. I hope to be able to look forward to this in the future.

I await your answer. The letter you write should address the specific aspects of your contract renewal that you wish to discuss or discuss. Start with a brief overview of what`s next, then return to your specific points and explanations. [These are examples of contract renewal letters addressed to managers. You can also use this format as a service contract renewal letter, employment contract renewal letter, etc. You can change these formats as a requirement.] Ask for an extension and ask for new conditions: we are interested in extending this contract, but we have some requests. We want to extend the duration of the contract to two years. Due to this extension and our ongoing commitment to your business, we are asking for a discount on the monthly payment. Usually, some enticing benefits or bonuses are put in place to let them know that they are also rewarded for sticking to their contract. A contract renewal letter is simply an effective tool for people to drop their contract when it expires soon. For the general purpose of this example, we assume that you only send one letter, while some companies send two, you can do both. This concerns the “license agreement” between [name of first party] and [name of second party] of the [date of contract], the duration of which expires on [date of expiry of the agreement].

We want to extend the agreement for an additional period of [extension]. Dear [name], you have in the past been a valued customer of ________(Organization/Bank Name) in the past ______________Durée]. We are privileged to need you and we are very grateful for your sponsorship and we would like to confirm the renewal of your insurance policy ___________for another ___________Semaines, months, years] as mutually agreed. You can continue to use our exceptional internet solutions by extending the contract.

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