Staff Accommodation Agreement

This management contract with accommodation can be used by employers who provide housing as part of an officer`s employment contract. It gives the employee a licence to stay in the accommodation as a resident on duty. The manager`s employment contract is suitable for an employee whose level of responsibility is between the basic employment contract/minimum legal contract and the management`s employment contract. If you put it correctly, it often depends on the wording used in the legal agreement. Our advice is to contact us from the outset, in order to avoid unwanted occupants after the end of an employee`s employment. A service occupancy agreement is an authorization/licence to occupy a property as long as the worker is employed by the employer. A service occupation occurs when a worker occupies a property for a better performance of his duties or when it is an explicit clause of the worker`s employment contract, whether he resides in a specific residence from which he can better carry out his duties. Employers should ensure that, where the worker`s employment meets the normal conditions of a guaranteed short-term rent, the occupation can be considered a guaranteed short-term rent, regardless of whether the agreement can be characterized as an occupancy agreement. Questions about the nature of the status of occupier are very frequent and the sight of the documents does not always reveal the status of the agreement; it is the content of the worker`s rights and obligations under the agreement that determines the basis of the worker profession and not as the agreement is called. ยท The occupier holds a personal licence as long as the employee is employed by the employer and the occupancy contract automatically ends when the employment contract ends. We have seen cases of agreements called “service occupancy agreements,” but the wording of the agreement gives rise to a service lease.

This means that, despite the termination of the worker`s employment contract, the worker has the right to remain in the property until the expiry of the employment relationship. Understanding the difference between a service occupancy contract and a service lease is essential and careful consideration should be given to the type of agreement you need to use. Employee-housing contracts create a landlord-tenant relationship between the employer and the worker. If you are considering making housing available to staff, you would be well advised to have a housing contract for employees; without one, you won`t be able to remember your expectations. Your employees must have a copy of the agreement, as they must be aware of the terms of the agreement and what you can expect from you with regard to your responsibilities. An employee`s housing contract may stipulate that your employee must have all services on their behalf; this frees you from liability if pension benefits are not paid. Conversely, your agreement may stipulate that you will pay utilities. This approach makes sense if the staff accommodation is not in a totally different structure than your main residence. If you keep the services on your behalf, you can add a reasonable fee to your employee`s monthly rent — if you ask for rent.

It`s up to you to decide to calculate the monthly rent. Some employers do, others do not. If you decide to calculate the rent, you can include a clause stating that you intend to collect rent on paycheck deductions. In the event of occupancy of the service, the right to occupy a property automatically ceases to be extinguished in the event of termination of employment, subject to a service contract or a contrary employment contract, without the need to lay off and dismiss, and the worker must leave immediately. The conditions under which the occupier is appointed to the profession should therefore be carefully considered. A properly drafted service occupancy contract will provide the employer with the security and control of the real estate profession in relation to employment status and avoid delays and potential costs of operating real estate.

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