Suny Collective Bargaining Agreement

Public Service Employees UnionThe largest group of SUNY is represented by the CSEA. Unlike UUP, the CSEA represents employees classified in all departments of the state and is the largest representative of public workers in the state. The total member state is 83,000, including about 13,000 SUNY employees. Three separate national bargaining units are covered by the roof of the CSEA. SUNY`s largest group is the Administration Services Unit, made up of secretarial and office staff. The operational services unit is made up of people such as carpenters, janitors, electricians, workshops and stationary engineers. Institutional services, relatively small in SUNY, are members of titles such as licensed nurse practitioners, gardeners, laboratory animal keepers, hospital assistants and surgical technicians. Each of the three units has a separate collective agreement, but the agreements are identical in many respects. Differences are usually related to specific tasks and needs of these workstations. The student union graduated in 1993 from the Public Employment Relations Board of the University`s Student Negotiation Unit. This unit consists of about 4,500 diploma assistants and teachers, for whom SUNY is the sole employer. The vast majority of the unit`s members are located in the four university centres, with fewer other graduate campuses.

At the national level, the union is linked to the Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO. The current title is “Communication Workers of America “, Local 1104/Graduate Student Employee Union (CWA Local1104/GSEU). Staff of the New York State Executive Branch are assigned to one of the thirteen bargaining units or called “Management/Confidential.” The following list of collective agreements relating to positions available at SUNY Morrisville. This comprehensive documentation was provided by the Governor`s office and made available on its website with other resources that could be useful. This documentation is also available through the Office of Human Resources. This unit includes confidential functions with respect to a framework that has a strong responsibility for policy formulation at the campus level, participates in the preparation of collective bargaining, plays an important role in the management of collective agreements or plays an important role in the management of complaints or staff. Staff in this unit are not represented. Among the titles awarded to this unit of SUNY Morrisville are the reports of Secretary 1` or Secretary 2 to the staff of the President and office/secretariat staff assigned to human resources or related functions. All titles of this unit are in the classified service. Appointments to the classified information service must comply with the Public Service Act and the rules of the National Public Service Commission.

Wages are prescribed by law, i.e. the title and rank of the position to which an employee is appointed determine the salary paid. Positions in this unit are not exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. Public Employees FederationPEF represents the Federal Tariff Unit Professional, Scientific and Technical (PS-T). It was a very visible group outside SUNY, with a membership of about 50,000 national members and SUNY of about 3,900.

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