Victory Housing Tenancy Agreement

Ms. Finucane was previously Senior Manager, Branch Activity Management, Network Management at Capital One Bank at McLean VA. Previously, she held leadership positions in the area of affordable housing in community development at Capital One, NeighborWorks America and as Director of the Washington Department of Housing and Community Development, D.C. Ms. Finucane has spent most of her career in real estate and, in particular, in affordable housing, from a banking, government and non-profit perspectives. and has advanced degrees in law and urban planning. She was also a board member of Victory Housing with knowledge of the organization and understanding of the relationship with the Archdiocesa of Washington. Ms. Finucane is well positioned to continue Victory Housing`s positive influence in our community. “We are very pleased to receive this grant for everyone for our Spring Flats project, which will transform a neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

into an oasis of affordable housing for seniors, families and new housing,” said Leila Finucane, President and CEO of Victory Housing. “This TD Bank grant program is helping to close a critical funding gap for this turnaround to work.” “We value our partnership with the TD Charitable Foundation,” said Leila Finucane, President of Victory Housing. Grants like this are an important part of enabling our affordable flatshares.┬áVictory Housing, the nonprofit housing sector of the Archdiocesan of Washington, focuses on providing affordable housing and social services to seniors and low- and middle-income families. .

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